Flexible Employee Benefits


Support your employees with their costs by offering customisable benefits to meet their needs

The right employee benefits package is essential for keeping your people on board and engaged.


MyPension Professional offers a market-leading range of employee benefits. We specialise in delivering benefits for organisations of any size. From traditional benefits likeinsurance  and pension schemes, to perks for employees like discounts and wellness apps, we’ll build the right solution for your business – and your budget. 

It’s easy to customise our employee benefits platform, making it a one-stop shop that connects benefits with wellbeing, communication and engagement.

With MyPension Professional, employees can access their entire benefits offer 24/7 via their smartphone, allowing you to increase employee benefits uptake while also engaging and motivating your workforce.

The MyPension Professional employee benefits platform works hard to engage employees with their benefits: anytime, anywhere.

Flexible benefits

Think flexible benefits are too complicated? Let us simplify them for you.

Our platform lets you give flexible employee benefits to your staff simply and easily. Available on desktop and as a smartphone app, MyPension Professional is a useful flexible benefits platform which puts all your flex benefits into one place and makes it easy for employees to customise their preferred benefits.

MyPension Professional makes flexible employee benefits accessible to all and what’s better? It’s more affordable than you might think…

What sets MyPension Professional apart?

  • Reduced admin for HR teams, saving you time and money

  • Real-time notification of requests to HR and payroll integration

  • Employees can select, amend, and cancel benefits with just a few taps on the app

  • Secure, in-app end-to-end process

  • Offer a range of flexible employee benefits

  • Scheduled weekly employee communications included to keep usage high

  • All seamlessly delivered in a native app

Flexible employee benefits your people can choose themselves

What benefits do your employees really want?

Giving employees the option to choose their own benefits is a great way to engage with your people. Hapiflex is a successful flexible benefits scheme which has a wide and varied selection of employee benefits. When you offer multiple options, you are rewarded with an engaged, motivated and productive workforce who feel valued, listened to and understood.

Easy-to-access flexible employee benefits 

MyPension Professional makes it easy for staff to adjust their choices within pre-set windows, keeping their benefits relevant. The flexible benefits platform is easy to access via a mobile app. Your workforce can select and amend their benefits at the click of a button. Employees can also receive real-time notifications about new benefits and updates on their existing plan.

Everything is run through a mobile app, which can be accessed 24/7 via a smartphone whether at home, in the office, field-based or working remotely.

Attract and retain the best talent

Employees are increasingly looking for ways to protect their work/life balance and being able to choose a benefits package that suits their lifestyle is the key to them feeling appreciated. All this reflects well on you, making your business a great place to work.

A flexible benefits scheme will enhance your employee deal, helping to attract and retain the best talent and become an employer of choice.

Build an inclusive workforce

A flexible benefits platform makes it easy for employees to pick and choose the employee benefits that best suit their lifestyle. It addresses the many different staff demographics across the business with something to appeal to everyone. Letting your employees tailor their benefits to suit where they are in life can lead to a more inclusive workforce.

Improve employee well-being 

Many of our flexible employee benefits focus on improving people’s mental, physical, financial and social well-being.

MyPension Professional helps you build on the principle that when a person is thriving in life – financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially – they’re going to thrive in work too. Listening and responding to your employees’ needs not only helps engage and motivate your workforce, but also shows how much you care about them.

Increase the uptake of your benefits

One of the potential reasons why there is poor uptake of employee benefits is that staff are confused about how to sign up, what they are agreeing to and how much it will ultimately end up costing them. Thanks to MyPension Professional, you can streamline and simplify messaging, making it easy for employees to understand what is being offered and whether it is the right choice for them.

MyPension Professional helps track each employee’s individual benefits package, making it easier to see a clear overview of which benefits are proving popular across the business. This helps with decision-making, highlights any gaps and ensures you’re offering staff the very best options.

Offer the right flexible employee benefits 

We can help you to build the perfect flexible benefits scheme that works for you and your employees, ensuring you are providing something to appeal to everyone. And there really is something for everyone, for example:

Set up a pre-defined list of benefits that your employees can choose from and let them create their own individual benefits package to suit their specific needs. It is easy to implement as all deals are already brokered for you.

Simplified flexible benefits administration

MyPension Professional hosts all employee benefits in one place, which not only makes it easy for employees to access their staff perks but also makes it convenient for the HR team who can see a complete overview of the flexible benefits scheme. This saves admin time, keeps costs down and provides a dashboard to show which benefits are the most popular.

The easy back-end administration dramatically cuts the HR team’s hours on coordinating benefits packages across the business, ultimately saving the business money, while improving staff morale.

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